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Where to find information on adult education budget breaks in learning

If a learner requires a break in their learning then these have to be recorded in the Individualised Learner Record (ILR). 

Where to find the break in learning information for Adult Education Budget (AEB)

The documents containing information for AEB breaks in learning are:

Funding rules

The paragraphs as described in the document are:

  1. You and the learner can agree to suspend learning while the learner takes a break from learning. This allows the learner to continue later with the same eligibility that applied when they first started their learning.

  2. We will not fund a learner during a break in learning.

  3. You must record the date a learner takes a break in learning and the date they restart their learning in the ILR. Further guidance on recording breaks can be found in the ILR provider support manual 2019 to 2020.

  4. You must have evidence that the learner agrees to return and continue with the same learning aim; otherwise, you must report the learner as withdrawn. When the learner returns to learning, you must re-plan and extend the remaining delivery as required.

  5. You must not use a break in learning for short-term absences, such as holidays or short-term illness.

Provider Support Manual

  • Provider support manual which is a guide to making ILR data returns during the 2019 to 2020 funding year. With pages 57 to 58, and paragraphs 424 to 430 for breaks in learning

The paragraphs as described in the document are:

  1. If the learner is taking an agreed break in learning and intends to return, for example for economic reasons, long term sickness, maternity leave or religious trips, then this should be recorded by closing the aims in the ILR as in Table 2.

  2. You must not record a break in learning unless you and the learner have agreed this, the learner intends to return to learning at a later point, and there is supporting evidence in the learner file.

  3. You must continue to report a learner on a break in learning in your ILR until either the learner returns and restarts their learning, or you report the learner as having withdrawn.

  4. If the learner does not return from an agreed break in learning, then the learning aim record(s) must be updated to indicate that the learner has withdrawn (see Table 1). 

  5. If the learner began an agreed break in learning in the previous year, is still on this break in the current year and they still intend to return, then the learning aims should continue to be returned as described in Appendix B.
    Table 2 is displayed in the document after this paragraph.

  6. If the learning aim that the learner was following is no longer available when they return (in other words, the certification date has passed), then you cannot class this as a break in learning. This limits the length of time that a learner can have as a break in learning.

  7. When the learner returns to learning, you will need to re plan the delivery of any remaining training and/ or assessment following a break, a new programme aim (if required), learning aim(s), new planned end date should be created as in Table 3 .The original learning aims must not be reopened. 

ILR specification

  • Employment outcome: Data not returned (page. 143)

  • Completion status: 6, Learner has temporarily withdrawn from the aim due to an agreed break in learning (page. 144)

  • Learning actual end date: Date of last learning activity for the aim (page. 145)

  • Outcome: 3, No achievement (page. 148)

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