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Learning aim class codes are used to record non-regulated provision in the individualised learner record (ILR) 

You should only use non-regulated provision in areas identified and agreed by the ESFA as detailed in the relevant published funding documentation.

The generic learning aim codes are sequential numeric codes prefixed by the letter ‘Z’ and so often referred to as Z codes.

Codes listed within the Learning aim class codes document include: 

  • Category A: Non Regulated Provision (Adult skills formula funded)

  • Category B: Non Regulated English, Maths and ESOL Provision (Adult skills formula funded)

  • ESFA funded (not Adult skills formula funded) and Non funded provision

  • Category E: Non Regulated Provision (16 to19 (excluding Apprenticeships) funded, Other 16 to 19 funded, Other Adult funded, Apprenticeships, Non-funded)

  • Category F: Non Regulated Provision (Community Learning)

  • Category G: Non regulated English, Maths and ESOL Provision (for these funding models: 16 to19 (excluding Apprenticeships) funded, Other 16 to 19 funded, Other Adult funded, Community Learning funded, Non-funded)

  • Category I: Work experience/placement

  • Category J: Supported Internship

  • Category K: Programme Aims

  • Category L: ESF funded

  • Category M: Conversion Codes between Higher National Qualifications

  • Category O: Education Assessment

  • Sector subject areas (SSAs)

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