Using the Employer Data Service (EDS) to find an Employer Registration Number (ERN)

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Employer Registration Numbers

An Employer Registration Number (ERN) is used to identify the employer and primarily recorded for a learner:

  • on an apprenticeship
  • funded through European Social Fund (ESF)

ERNs are used when submitting Individualised Learner Records (ILR), and to support funding and statistical analysis.

If you want to find a number, you can view this on the Employer Data Service (EDS).

EDS search functions

There are two search functions within EDS to find an employer or ERN number.

The first is the normal search function, which can be used in one of two ways if the:

  • ERN number is already known and you are just trying to find the employer, you can search by ERN number

  • postcode is known, you can search to find both the ERN number and employer

The second is the Employer Advanced Search function, which can be used if the employer is known but the ERN number is not known.

A postcode is required and must be included alongside the additional fields in order to find an employer’s ERN number. Additional fields include:

  • employer name
  • town
  • phone number
  • region

Using a temporary ERN

You can also use a temporary ERN number for 60 days while a permanent ERN is being generated. This number is 999999999.

The 60 days begins at the learning aim start date.

Need support

If you have a specific query about getting an ERN, please see their frequently asked questions or contact the EDS helpdesk by email or telephone 01242 545346.

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