How to record learners returning or not returning from a break in learning

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Apprenticeships and 19 + learners returning from a break in learning

You will need to create a new programme when the learner returns. The new learning aim will need to include the new learning aim start and end dates.  

You also need to re-plan the delivery of:

  • any remaining training 
  • any remaining assessments following a break
  • new programme aims (if required) and learning aim(s)

The original learning aims must not be reopened. 

This new learning aim must also indicate that the learning aim is a restart. How this is recorded will vary based on the Management Information System (MIS) being used.

The MIS may contain a field indicating the Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring Type,you should input the code “RES” (page 153) to label the learning aim as a restart. 

However, MIS systems often have a tick-box to save you inputting a code. 

Apprenticeships and 19 + learners not returning from a break in learning

If the learner does not return from an agreed break in learning, then the learning aim record(s) must be updated to indicate that the learner has withdrawn. 

This is recorded as completion status 3 - the learner has withdrawn from the learning activities leading to the learning aim. 

This is found on page 144 of the ILR Specification document

For 16 - 19 funded learners

If a 16-19 funded learner has agreed a leave of absence with you, then the learning aim record(s) should be left open. When the learner completes their learning aim(s), these are closed in the normal way. 

If the learner withdraws from learning, then the learning aims are closed. If this learner later returns to the same programme of study, these aims can be reopened at your discretion, depending upon the timing. 

If a learner is absent on an agreed leave of absence at the start of a new teaching year, then you must continue to submit an ILR record for the learner and should record the planned learning hours that the learner will undertake for the year when they return to learning. 

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