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Individualised Learner Record (ILR) data must be returned according to the data collection timetable in Appendix A of the ILR Specification.

The ILR timetable sets out:

  • the return date by which you must send complete data for the purposes described in the timetable
  • the data uses and purpose of the return
  • which types of provider need to send data for each particular return

The return date in the timetable is the hard close date for including data in the national database for that return and represents the last opportunity to send data for each return.

You must ensure that the data is returned by 6pm on the return date.

R01 – 4 September 2020
R02 – 6 October 2020
R03 – 5 November 2020
R04 – 4 December 2020 (reference date 1 November 2020)
R05 – 7 January 2021
R06 – 4 February 2021 (reference date 1 January 2021)
R07 – 4 March 2021
R08 – 8 April 2021
R09 – 7 May 2021
R10 – 4 June 2021 (reference date 1 May 2021)
R11 – 6 July 2021
R12 – 5 August 2021
R13 – 14 September 2021 (reference date 31 July 2021)
R14 – 21 October 2021 (reference date 31 July 2021)

Where the timetable includes a ‘reference date’ for any particular return, your ILR data must accurately describe all provision delivered up to and including this date. 

You may include data for provision delivered after the reference date. 

For returns that do not have a reference date, you must return new starters, leavers and changes in a timely way.

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