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FRM06 shows in your Data Quality Report on Submit Learner Data. The report is generated in download reports folder after each submission that passes through validation. The columns on the FRM06 report show the aims as they were recorded at R14 of the previous academic year.


FRM06 triggers against learning aims included as continuing in the previous academic year (R14) where the aims are not included in the current academic year data returns, OR

The data in the fields for learning aim reference, learner reference number, learning start date or learning planned end date have been amended in the current academic year’s data and so do not match the data recorded in the previous academic year (R14).


Ensure you include all learning aims reported as continuing in the final return of the previous academic year (R14) in this year’s data. You must continue to return these aims with the accurate withdrawal or completed details if the learner is no longer continuing the learning aim.

Do not amend fields for the learning aim reference, learner reference number, start date or planned end date (on a learning aim) after hard close of the previous academic year.

FRM06 can errors can affect your qualification achievement rates, so it is important you ensure you resolve these errors as early as possible.

Useful links

Refer to the following guidance if the learning aim reported in the previous year contained a data error: Correcting data errors after hard close

Possible FRM06 Resolution 

Learning aims failing ILR validation can cause them to show as FRM06 errors. Check the rule violation report and ensure you resolve any errors.

If clearing rule violation errors does not resolve FRM06, then please compare your previous year’s R14 data against the most recent data return of the current academic year. Ensure that learning aims on the FRM06 report are included in the current year and that the relevant fields have not been amended between years (see Prevention above regarding relevant fields). 

Known issues with FRM06

For 2021/22, we are aware of one known issue with FRM06: the report is incorrectly triggering for some T level learning aims where the framework code and pathway code are recorded in 2021/22 but were not required in 2020/21.

If you have learner's receiving FRM06 errors on T level aims, please check that the aims in the report are in your most recent ILR return. If they are, and the fields listed in Prevention above are the same in both years, then you can ignore these FRM06 errors.


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