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What is the schools supplementary grant?


The schools supplementary grant (SSG) is additional funding allocated to mainstream schools and academies in the 2022 to 2023 financial year to provide support for the costs of the Health and Social Care Levy and wider costs.


Where can I find my SSG allocation?


School level allocations of the SSG for the full 2022 to 2023 financial year were published in May 2022.


How is the SSG calculated?


Different per-pupil funding rates apply for early years, primary, secondary and sixth form provision in schools. Detail on the funding rates is contained in the methodology document published alongside the allocations.


How should I spend the SSG?


Schools and academies have the flexibility to prioritise their spending of the SSG to best support the needs of their pupils and staff and address cost pressures, including those associated with the Health and Social Care Levy. Read the conditions of grant for more information.


How and when will I receive SSG funding?


We will pay the funding for maintained mainstream schools to local authorities, who’ll be required to pay it to individual schools at the rates published.

We will pay funding at the published rates directly to mainstream academies.

Local authorities and academies will receive their payments for 2022 to 2023 in two tranches:

  • Payment to cover April 2022 to August 2022 will be made in May 2022 for local authorities and in June 2022 for academies.


  • Payment to cover September 2022 to March 2023 will be made in October 2022 for local authorities and in November 2022 for academies.

Academies will receive an additional allocation of SSG to cover April to August 2023 in recognition of their funding cycle which follows the academic year. This will be allocated using the same rates and pupil numbers as the 2022 to 2023 grant and will therefore represent five-twelfths of their 2022 to 2023 allocations.


What will happen to this grant after 2022 to 2023?


This additional funding will be provided in each year of the current spending review period.


Our intention is that payment of this additional funding in the form of a separate grant will be for 2022 to 2023 only. The funding will be incorporated into core budget allocations for 2023 to 2024 where possible. So, for primary, secondary and all-through schools, this will mean the funding being rolled into the schools national funding formula (NFF) for 2023 to 2024.

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