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The FRM03 report shows within the post-16 monitoring reports dashboard. Please see the link below, to the dashboard, for further guidance on accessing the data reports and using the dashboard Financial Assurance: Monitoring post-16 funding for 2021 to 2022.





An FRM03 report triggers when more than one provider has recorded a learner within their data as being funded for different qualifications.


School census data is now also included in the dashboard, therefore, FRM03 can trigger from a learner being recorded as undertaking a qualification through the school census data at the same time as another provider recording the learner within their ILR data.




Take the relevant steps by checking the Learning Record Service (LRS) GOV.UK Learning Record Service before registering a learner and including a learner in your data returns. The LRS system will allow you to view the qualifications they already have and if they are enrolled with another provider (please note that there can be delays in the LRS system being updated).


Please ensure you have received your learner’s self-declaration before including the learner in you ILR data returns.


If the qualification is subcontracted out, then the subcontractor should not include it in any of their data returns as funded. They can include a learner in their data return as non funded (Funding Model 99).


Useful links


Refer to the following guidance for when a learner has been recorded with separate providers as funded, on different qualifications at the same time FRM03 – 16 to 19 funded learners who are also funded elsewhere.


Possible FRM03 Resolution


You can search the other provider’s details via the 'Matching UK Provider Reference Number' or 'Matching Organisation Name' fields on the Post 16+ dashboard. Provider names and details can be viewed by searching the UKPRN via the UK Register of Learning Providers.


The previous provider may not have withdrawn the learner within their data resulting in an overlap and FRM03 triggering.


There is a time lapse in updating the data displayed in the dashboard monthly with the data submitted in the SC. Providers should check data error reports as usual, whilst being aware that amendments made by SC submitters may not appear in the dashboard until the next SC return. There is a new filter allowing data to be viewed from the ILR only, SC only or both.


The previous provider may not have another opportunity to return their SC resulting in the FRM03 remaining in your report at R14. You must retain appropriate evidence of the learner’s eligibility, you do not need to make any amendments to your data if it is already correct, we will contact you if we need further assurance.


The learner being recorded as non funded can also be input to clear FRM03. Please see the Useful links above for further information.


Known issues with FRM03


We are aware of a current defect where FRM03 is displaying multiple aims that are part of the same programme for some learners, instead of just reporting the programme aims.


This is currently on the known issue log located at the bottom of the Post-16 monitoring dashboard landing page.



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