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How amending planned end dates can affect payments

It is a provider’s responsibility to ensure their data is correct.

Providers should follow the ILR Data Management Principles,  and aim to implement data management best practice when processing learner data within their systems in order to deliver timely and accurate data in their ILR.


How to accurately record an end date

Stated in the Guidance on learning start and end dates, ‘you must not update the learning planned end date once it has been entered, even if the learner continues on the learning aim beyond that date. If a learner continues their learning beyond the planned end date this should be reflected in the Learning actual end date field; the Learning planned end date must remain unchanged.’


The impact of changing an end date

Changes to the planned end date will trigger warnings. It can also affect the value of on programme payments (OPP).

Changes to planned end dates will appear as FRM05 planned end date changes, these errors are found in your rule violation report. Qualification achievement rates (QARs) are affected by continual reporting of FRM05.

You can find out how to prevent FRM05 issues, as well as resolution advice in our FRM05 guidance.


Deadline for 2021 to 2022 ILR and EAS submissions

You have until 20 October 2022 (R14) to submit your final 2021 to 2022 ILR and EAS submissions.

You will not be able to amend your 2021 to 2022 ILR data after this date.


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