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The ESFA monitors data submitted through the individualised learner record (ILR) and the school census (SC) to provide financial assurance for post-16 delivery and support policy development. 

This activity includes:

  • 16 to 19 study programmes
  • T Levels
  • T Levels transition programme
  • traineeships 
  • apprenticeships 
  • the adult education budget 
  • community learning 
  • advanced learner loans funding


What areas do we monitor?

Financial assurance: monitoring the funding rules for post-16 funding for 2021 to 2022 lists the areas we are monitoring, including details of historic reports which we now publish as ILR submission reports, and those that are being developed as ILR validation rules. 

These reports are commonly referred to as FRM reports. 

Further information on how to use the reports dashboard and export data is available in the Post-16 monitoring reports dashboard user guide 2021 to 2022


How do you access reports about your data?

We share data with providers through the post-16 monitoring reports dashboard on View Your Education Data. This dashboard contains a set of reports which identify data quality and eligibility issues. We recommend you review the reports and correct data regularly.

You will need an IDAMS account with the “view your education data – post-16 monitoring” user role and associated with a UKPRN to access the dashboard securely. Your organisation’s super user will be able to grant you the correct user role.


When do we publish reports?

We publish the first set of reports for each funding year after the close of the R04 ILR data submission window. We continue to publish them every month until R14. 

You can view the publish dates in the ILR freeze schedule (see column G titled ‘Available in BI products (QA)’ in the schedule) and on ESFA financial assurance: monitoring the funding rules page.


When do we contact providers?

We will begin contacting providers in-year after the R06 ILR data submission, and we may ask you to supply us with evidence to support your data and help us understand issues. The dashboard indicates which reports can result in a funding recovery after year-end if you do not correct data.


Need support

For further support, please view the top occurring FRM errors or alternatively contact the post-16 monitoring team and include any relevant information such as the report name, Unique Learner Numbers (ULN) and any other useful information through our enquiry form.


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