Laura Howard

LearnAimRef_93 Error


Hi all,

Does anyone know what the above error message means and how to clear it?

I've read the latest version of ILR Validation Rules but I'm not sure what if anything needs to be amended.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you :)


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Ben James

Looks like you've got an issue with the learning aim. What is the learning aim reference on the record?

Laura Howard

Morning Ben,

this particular one is Z0001896, but I am having similar errors on most of our leaners since uploading the latest LARS info onto Maytas, including new learners and old, all with various learning aims.


Ben James

Seems to be valid until 31/12/2600, as part of the below standards

Laura Howard

Hi Ben, yer I saw that when I looked yesterday. Fortunately the "errors" are not actually coming through on the rule violation report and are showing as "warnings" on our MIS system. I'm just getting the LearnAimRef_117 like a lot of others are at the moment.

Thanks for coming back to me  - much appreciated as always :)

Kevin Bunn

Hi both, it could be linked to the updated FIS, I have downloaded it and run a file and ended up with 6 erriors on Learner who left in 2019, say that :-

The Learning aim reference is not valid in the LARS database for this Funding model for this teaching year

However, of course THEY ARE! I also now have 30 learners who are coming up as Warning saying that I must enter their OTJ hours, again however, these Learners started before the Rule came in about recording OTJ hours on the ILR!