Kay Mellanby

Funding for Staff


Can anyone share or help in how to calculate the funding for a member of staff who is completing an apprenticeship with us via our Levy?

We are the Training Provider and also the Employer.


Thank you


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Ruth Canham-James

Only your organisation could know that. You have to evidence how much it will actually cost you to deliver. That depends of staff rates, class size, what resources you need etc. There is no general calculation.

Ben Cowdery

The general approach is to look at the breakdown of costs you have used to arrive at the TNP 1 you charge for other employers and then remove any costs which have been built in as profit or 'contribution' to you as a Training provider.  That may have been set as a specific cost line or been applied across all cost lines as a set %. The reduced cost breakdown total should then be the TNP for your Staff's programme.  Remember to keep TNP 2 as is.