Rebecca Woodward

EPA changing employer (completed early)


Hi all,

I've looked through previous posts and struggling to find a definitive answer.

A learner has completed in 15 months (planned duration was 18 months) and has now entered gateway. They are changing employers (levy payer) next week so will need the new employer to sort DAS and gain the necessary agreements. The new employers DAS will be for the 20% but would I also include the remaining funding (3 months OPP) in the new TNP along with the 20% even though learning has completed, but to ensure we get the remaining training costs.

If this correct, would that then be entered onto the ILR as 

TNP3- remaining 3 months payments/ outstanding training costs

TNP4- 20%




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Martin West

TNP 3 should be the remaining training cost.

TNP 4 is the EPA cost.

The Total remaining will be recalculated on DAS with 20% for completion and the remaining 80% split over the remaining delivery period to the planned end date.