Kay Mellanby

Re start?


We have a student who completed 1 year of a 3 year apprenticeship.

They were withdrawn at the end of year 1.


 They want to return to the course (the employer and learner are both onboard with this).

My question is - can we do this? aswell as reduction in the funding would we need to record a start date of when they should be starting year 2? (ie the point at which they withdrew and new learning would commence) or can they "restart" on day 1 of year 1? (but with only 2 years funding instead of 3 years for the full course).


 Any info very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance






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Martin West

They can restart but you can only claim the balance of funding remaining, the start date for the restart is the day they actually start irrespective of if they are restarting year 1 or 2.

As the funding should follow the learner you can set the duration to 3 years if they are restarting year 1.


Kay Mellanby

Thank you Martin - super helpful as always