Kelly Knights



If an apprentice has evidenced all of their required OTJ hours but is still in learning, is the employer still required to release them for their 20% time to attend training?


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I mean, if they don't I assume the learner will fail?

How "enforceable" that is I wouldn't like to say, but the employer should stop mucking about and make sure the learner can complete (I'd also be rather wary of continuing to work with them if that's the sort of attitude they have to OTJ...)

Kelly Knights

From experience some employers are trying to encourage the apprentices to use their AL or other time so they don’t have to realise them.

Ben James

If they've successfully 'completed' all their OTJ.. what learning is there left to do? English/maths notwithstanding.

Facetiousness aside.. the policy says..

With regards to off-the-job training, the apprenticeship agreement sets out the employer’s commitment to release the individual for the number of hours specified on the agreement.

.. could argue if said hours have been completed, the commitment ceases?


Kelly Knights

They’ve logged more hours than required at this stage but some training is still required. Thank you though

Ruth Canham-James

This is specifically in relation to the OTJ plan, but;

P45.1 Some apprentices and standards will need more than the minimum requirement. Apprentices must receive the volume of high-quality apprenticeship training that they need to develop full occupational competence.

Also, required in the evidence pack;

P340.2 Written confirmation from the employer that the apprentice will be allowed to complete the apprenticeship within their normal working hours, including any English and maths required. 

If the apprentice was mucking about, and that's why they haven't completed in the planned time, I can understand the employer's frustration. More likely, it's a poor attitude towards apprenticeships by the employer. Like Steve, I'd be worried about working with an employer like that.