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Change of Employer - TNP on Return from Withdrawal


Good Afternoon

I hope you can help me please.

I have been corresponding with the ESFA regarding payments for learners who have withdrawn and return to learning (with the same provider) months later with a new employer - I would class this as a restart and use TNP1/2  

However the ESFA are saying that in this case we should record TNP 3 and 4.

According to them this resets the funding for the whole programme (inc the programme older withdrawn programme) and recalculates all the funding to include payments from the other course.

Can anyone tell me when this changed and learners who change employer always need a TNP 3/4 and not a TNP 1/2  

Super concerned that I have missed something but I have been through the provider spec and funding rules and can't seem to find anything that confirms what I am being told!

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Ben James

If it's the same programme (despite the gap), and you're processing it as a restart, by using TNP1 and TNP2 again what you're effectively telling the apprenticeship service is that the cost of the entire programme, from the very beginning, has been renegotiated. Any earnings you've accrued up to this point will be offset against what you're telling the service the new price is, and your OPPs/completion payment will be based off of what's left, which best case would leave you short, and worst case would leave you in arrears. 

Per the guidance on changes of employer during the apprenticeship (bearing in mind you're treating this as the same apprenticeship on the basis that it's a restart)

You must record a new price record on the programme aim; this price must reflect the cost of the remaining amount of the programme to be delivered with the new employer. This residual cost must be recording using AFinCode = 3 for training and AFinCode = 4 for assessment, as applicable.


Gina Bowles

Thanks for this and letting me know where the guidance is.

Change of employer is become more and more complicated.

I really wish all these books were in pdf so I could read them away from my computer!

Thank you once again