Tracy Dawson

Achievement Dates and Completion Status for Aim Type 3


If a Learner completes the component aim, the degree element - Aim Type 3 and has been through a Board of Examiners, do we record the completion status as 2 and the outcome as 1 for this aim only if they still have the ZPROG aim to complete.    Or are we not able to record outcome as 1 for this aim until they have completed ZPROG?

If we do record completion status as 2 and outcome as 1 for this aim, what do we record in the Actual End Date and Achievement date for this aim?

Not sure if we should be returning the information for Aim Type 3 (degree) at the point they achieve that or wait until they have completed ZPROG.




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Ben James

If learning toward the main component aim (in this case the degree) has finished, and the outcome is that they've achieved, you'd set this aim to 2-completed/1-achieved. The learning actual end date is the date of the last learning activity for the aim. The ZPROG has no bearing on how you record this. 

If this is the last learning activity for the entire apprenticeship, you'd set the ZPROG to 1-continuing/8-outcome not yet known. If it isn't, and there's still learning left to do, you'd leave the ZPROG alone. As/when learning does finish, the learning actual end date would be the date of the last learning activity for the entire programme. This may be the degree (if it's the latest date), or it may be functional skills, or something else, whatever is latest. 

The achievement date is only populated once the EPA period is concluded. If the apprentice fails and doesn't wish to resit, you'd set the ZPROG to 2-completed/3-no achievement. If they apprentice passes, you'd set the ZPROG to 2-completed/1-achieved. The learning actual end date is not changed. 

See here. Provider Support Manual: 2023 to 2024 - Recording apprenticeship outcomes and completion (


Martin West

The achievement date is not recorded on Apprenticeship component aims but you do record the actual learning end date when all teaching has been completed with the completion status being recorded as 2, the recoding of the outcome is dependent on the EPA assessment and if this includes the awarding of any credits towards the degree this is recorded as 8 until the results of the EPA are known else it is recorded as 2 where credits are not included in the EPA assessment.


Tracy Dawson

Thank you Martin.  I thought we did not record the Achievement Date for component Aims.   I wasn't sure if the outcome for the component aim could be returned when we know the student has completed the degree if they still have their EPA to do.  In some cases, they can complete their degree months before the EPA so would I still only record the completion status as 2 and the outcome as 8 for the component aim even though they have completed their degree?  In other words, I can not return outcome as 1 even for the component aim (even though they have achieved the degree) until the outcome is known for ZPROG?  

Apologies, just want to be clear on what I return and when for the component aim when they have completed this but still not done the EPA.

Martin West

As I said you will need to check the EPA Assessment plan as it may include one of the following requirements:

The integrated degree apprenticeship is consistent with the UK Quality code for a Bachelors degree with honours comprising 360 credits in the Higher

Education Credit framework. Apprentices must successfully pass 320 on-programme credits prior to taking the EPA, which is worth 40 credits.


Successful completion of the degree is required at gateway.


Ruth Canham-James

As Ben explained, treat them separately. If they completed the component, close it as completed, you don't need to wait for the EPA. What if they never sit the EPA (happens a lot)? You still need to report that they passed the components they passed. Same would go for Functional Skills. The ILR data integrity guidance says;

40: ESFA expects colleges to maintain ILR data and other learner documents properly and accurately, as required by the funding rules. ILR transactions, including learner starts, withdrawals, breaks-in-learning, completions/achievements must be recorded promptly and accurately, so that ILR data accurately reflects the college’s learner population and their associated programmes of learning at any point in time.

Tracy Dawson

Thank you for all your replies, this is very helpful and much appreciated.