Samuel Bridge

Co investment invoicing



We have a backlog of learners to invoice employers for.

Say we have £74 total over 4 months can we invoice for £74 or do we have to give a month by month breakdown for £18.50 a month?


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Ben James

You can invoice for £74 for the period of 4 months. Just make sure that when you receive it, that's what you record as your PMR. Good practice would be to invoice monthly (or at least regularly), and the ESFA do say they may withhold monthly payments if they notice you're not collecting it.. but I haven't heard of that ever happening. 

Ruth Canham-James

We invoice up front if they're non-levy (allowing some exceptions if they would struggle to pay, and let them pay over the first year only). If it's insufficient funds (which can't often be predicted), the amounts can be tiny per month, so we invoice quarterly. We'd have no chance of dealing with the workload if we invoiced every employer monthly, and it would cost a lot more. We have to process some refunds the way we do it, but it's still far easier.

Samuel Bridge

Thank you both