Ben Cowdery

External auditing activity - 22-23 Apprenticeship Funding Rules


Hi all

Just wondering if any provider has been externally audited against 22-23 starts yet, given that we are in our eighth funding period?  

If so, could they share any intelligence regarding the auditors' approach to the 4 week rule and related BILs?  I suspect the lack of DSAT audit sampler function may have impacted this years audit activity all around.

Many thanks in advance



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Yes, anecdotally, I'm pretty sure there haven't been any yet for precisely the reason you mention, although I think our audit colleagues were top of the list when access to the sampler was being doled out, so suspect it won't be long...

Ben Cowdery

Thanks Steve.  I don't currently have visibility of the online DSAT; has the audit sampler reappeared?


Just checked and I don't currently have it, although they are rolling it out 100 providers at a time apparently...