Sharon Lillywhite

DAS issues


Hi, We have a learner who we withdrew as she has passed 3 months with no employer in Sept 22, She rejoined using restarts on 02.02.2023. Her 1st employer stopped the funding in September and we used this record to add the new employer onto to transfer the balance of training. The original cost was £4784 and the new cost is £4057.  I am getting the below error as it seems to be only recognising the old figure and not the new figure and also has an end date appearing which is not in my ILR data anywhere, can anyone help please as her end date is Feb 24.


thank you in advance 



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Louise Tomkins

Hi Sharon,

We have this type of error periodically on DAS and the ESFA have confirmed it is a known error. If you are sure that your new employer is live on DAS and you are receiving the funding expected then you can ignore the error/mis-match.

However, looking at your screenshot, it suggests your ILR contains the full value and not the revised amount, so you might want to check this.

Not sure if it helps but this is a screen shot of one of my current errors, this is trying to match the ILR record for the new employer, with the DAS account for the old employer, but as you can see its trying to compare differing start dates and values, I am receiving the funds so I simply ignore the error as instructed, whereas yours has the same start date on both, which seems to suggest you may have an error in your TNP in the ILR.

I hope this helps


Sharon Lillywhite

Hi Louise, thank you for responding...

I have those ones you have shown and yes as long as we receive the right amount i have left these ones but its the new one .

this learner has had 3 employers in total , so on her first episode (2 employers) her TNPs looked like this , this was from start date up to September 2022 - withdrawal dates and episode end dates entered Sept 22


then when she restarted in Feb 23 , her new episode of learner (restart indicators used on the Zprog ) looked like this which was 7th Feb , so i dont get how the DAS is showing 7th Feb with an old value which was dated 25/07/2022


Any other ideas?

Ben James

Your issue may be that you've recorded the 3rd lot of prices as TNP1 and TNP2, rather than TNP3 and TNP4. Per the guidance

After a residual price (TNP3 or 4) has been recorded for a programme, any subsequent price records for that programme must also be residual prices. You must not record a new total price (TNP1 or 2) after recording a residual price for the same programme.

This was covered during the last webinar the ESFA held on ILR data in DAS.

Sharon Lillywhite

Thank you Ben, its because we created a new episode of learning sue to 5 month break, but i think your right , ill change this and run it through the hub now and check DAS. Thank you