Michael Felton

Change of Provision


A bit of a random question.

We will soon be changing our provision, and will no longer be an Employer/Provider, and will become just an Employer.

All of our apprenticeship will then be done by External Training Providers.

Currently we use Maytas to record our ILR's for both our internal apprenticeships, and those done by external training providers, and obviously for the ESFA uploads on a monthly basis

Do anyone know if we will still need to use Maytas, for our apprentices being done by our external training providers, when we become just an Employer?



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So, you'll have to keep returning the learners who've been on prog this year until R14 otherwise it could get a bit messy, but, once we get to 1 August, if you're not teaching anyone at that point, then I can't see any reason why you'd need a student record system if you have no students? Unless you've transferred learners mid-programme over to a new provider and they still need access to whatever they've got on Maytas (sorry, been a while, not sure how their App recording has come on)?


In a sense, I'm a bit confused as to why you've been recording current learners who are with an external on Maytas? I assume they're *not* in your ILR!