Julie Newman

R59 error


I have an apprentice who has just finished a L2 and has gone onto do a L3 now.

I have set up a new record on the ILRLeaner Entry Tool with a new learner reference number but same ULN

I am getting the following error :-

There is more than one record for this ULN. There mustn't be multiple records with the same ULN. Check each record has a different ULN.

So I tried changing the learner reference to the old reference but it was saying invalid on the screen.

Do I set up the new apprenticeship on the old record but add new lines? He has also changed employer and moved house?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Yes, you set it up on the old record but add new lines.

You'll also need to add a new employment status record for the new employer.

It's also fine to overwrite his new address, nothing in Apps is related to a learner's address.

Julie Newman

Thank you Steve