Claire Baranowski

Projected Funding



I'm being asked for financial projections past the end of the contract year. Our current MIS system doesn't support this. Is there another way of finding out this information? Am I missing a report/system that will show me this?

Our previous MIS system had a function that allowed you to predict ahead.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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It is a complete pain!

Have made a guess at it by using Indicative report, filtering for live ZPROGs with a planned end past 31 July, then working out roughly how many months they've got in next year (dividing days by 30 with a max of 12, but there's probably a better way) then multiplying the July payment by that. Fortunately we set our budgets only based on onprogs because trying to work out how many completion payments you'll get and when is a nightmare...