Su Roberts

Eligibility/Residency/Spouse of British Citizen


Does being a wife/husband of a British citizen automatically give you eligibility for funding? I thought they still had to be here 3 years and apply for settled/pre settled status unless the have indefinite leave to remain/one of the other exemptions from the 3 year rule?


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Not any more.

UK citizens don't have "right to family life" exemptions to the three year rule, but family members of EU nationals who have been here for three years (and have EUSS Settled/pre-settled) are exempt from the three year rule.

Su Roberts

Thank you!


so just to check I have this right..

-if you are a family member of a UK resident you have to be here 3 years and obtain settled/pre settled status(or have another eligibility that exempts you from the 3 year rule) in your own right

- if you are a family member of an EU national who has lived in the UK for 3 years and got settled/pre settled status, you can be funded without being in UK/EEA  three years or having setttled /pre settled status yourself?



NB talking about over 19s here, there are *loads* of exceptions for 16-19 (classroom-based) Study Programmes, but also a few for 16-18 Apprentices as well, see P391 of the 22/23 rules. All of those exceptions DO NOT require three years.