Carrie Rogers

Confirmation of Eligibility


Hi All
Having a friday moment!  Think we already know the answer but just wanted other opinions

we have 2 learners who live and work in Ireland.  100% deffo not fundable - but can they still complete an Apprenticehip?




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Ruth Canham-James

They need to spend at least 50% of their working hours in England. Funding rules P62.6. 

I'm not sure if you could let them do an apprenticeship but unfunded if they don't meet that.

Carrie Rogers

Hi Ruth - we know that they cant be funded.
But no idea what the rules are to just be able to do an Apprenticeship - unfunded!
hmmmm....  might save it til Monday!

Ruth Canham-James

I'd like an answer to the wider question of whether we can deliver overseas if unfunded. Do we need to ask awarding bodies (assuming these are quals that don't need actual exams)? Are ESFA or DfE interested? Northern Ireland I'd treat the same as Wales and Scotland. The rest of Ireland, no idea.