Jennifer Donnellan

Audit Sampler- FIS File



I've managed to get the audit sampler running on the new PDSAT dashboard and i have a query.

You can choose the size of the sample, does anyone know why this is? I work for a large provider so it is helpful to be able to select more than 30 learners. Nevertheless, i am wondering if this is a sign of things to come and if the intention is for external auditors to audit more than 30 learners going forward?






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Pretty sure it's the former not the latter for an initial audit sample? No suggestion that there's any increase in the normal, everyday audit (not least because they don't have the time/resources to do so!).

I imagine that if Things Were Going Horribly Wrong, an auditor being easily able to do a bigger second sample would be "useful" as an option?

Martin West

Unable to find any current documentation but the initial sample size was based on learner numbers for each funding model, from 30 where < 139 up to 80 for those >1301.

This represented 10% of learners for large provider (capped at 80) and 10% to 30% of learners for smaller provision.