Claire Ford

Levy Tranfer with Co Investment Requirement?


This is something we've never seen before. We've got an apprentice who is being funded using levy transfer and payments having been going through as expected for a number of months. However, in the R09 reports, they're now showing as needing a co-investment contribution. Has anyone ever come across this before? And if it's all correct, would we invoice the employer or the transferring organisation?



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Ben James

Yes, it happens. You would need to seek payment from the employer receiving the transfer:

112. If the sending employer (the employer who transferred the levy to another employer) either has insufficient levy funds in their account, or has exceeded their transfer allowance for that financial year, the apprentice’s employer (the receiving employer) will fund the training if they have their own levy balance available or through co-investment. Where this occurs, we will use the levy funds of the apprentice’s employer according to the priority ordering detailed in the next paragraph. We will pay for these apprentices in priority order alongside any other apprentices funded through that account.