Michelle Tyler

Apprenticeship Eligibility


I wonder if someone could advise us on whether the following learner would be eligible for Apprenticeship funding.  The prospective learner is from South Africa, she has been here under her mothers right to work visor but the learner is about to turn 19 and has applied for her own right to work visa.  Can she be funded for an Apprenticeship with a right to work visa?

Thank you in advance.


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Joe M

Hi Michelle 

I had a quick look at the funding rules for 22/23 and my interpretation is the learner would need to have the right to work in England as well as an Eligible Residency Status. 

It would be worth having a look through the funding rules doc at Annex A: Eligibility Criteria on page 136 to 145 to see if she fits into any of them categories. Microsoft Word - 2223 Provider Rules_Version 2_Final_Updated030423 (publishing.service.gov.uk)


Ooh, if she was still under 18 then the *special* categories in P391 (22/23 Rules) kick in (she'd be 391.1 from what you're saying here). 16-18 categories *do not* require three years residency.

If she's already 19, once she gets her own visa, then it's going to depend how long she has been here. If it's more than three years as a dependant then she's grand, otherwise she'll not be eligible until she's been here three years.