Steve Bowler

Learner transferred to us from another provider - OTJ required



I'm hoping somebody can advise with this query as the funding rules don't seem to specify what to do in this situation. We are having a group of learners transfer to us where they have been on an Apprenticeship for quite some time and have now withdrawn from their previous Training Provider and we are working with them to complete.

I was thinking that we would need to know how much OTJ they had already completed previously so that we can ensure they have done enough, however we do not have access to this information so I'm wondering if we actually only need to ensure they do at least 6 hours per week for the amount of time they are on programme with us? Although that would be easier to work out, I'm concerned that it would be an audit issue if, for example, the learner didn't really do any OTJ with the first provider?




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Hi, we've had a few transfers recently and had a similar problem collating their OTJ before they started with us. We contacted the ESFA and they advised we were only responsible for the OTJ they would need to complete during their time with us.

Martin West

You only record the planned hours delivered by you as the training provider, sub-contracted training providers and the employer. It should not be an audit issue if you have included RPL correctly at the point they commenced with you.


Steve Bowler

Thank you both for your replies, it's certainly easier that way I just thought that there would be an expectation upon completion that the learner had done at least the minimum amount of OTJ. If they had hardly done any with the previous provider and only did the minimum with us then they wouldn't have completed enough OTJ throughout their overall programme...


Yeah, not your problem though. ESFA aren't daft enough to make one provider responsible for the failures of another...