Helen Wilshaw

Break in Learning Start Date


Hi, we are starting a break in learning for one of our Apprentices due to Maternity Leave.  When entering the break in learning start date on the ILR do we use the last time they were in learning (on the register) or do we use the last date they worked for their Employer.  My common sense tells me to use the date they were last on the register (in learning) but my common sense isn't always correct!! Thanks in advance. Helen


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Ben James

Whichever was the last time the apprentice engaged in learning required by the standard. An apprentice can still be learning in the workplace (e.g., shadowing), but if their final day at work was just them doing 'on-the-job' duties (i.e., nothing specifically related to learning KSBs), then it wouldn't count. 


Yes, I think that's fair Ben. "Last date they logged something eligible on their e-portfolio" probably better than "last register date" depending on the delivery model (although if it's all in the same calendar month, it's fairly trivial anyway).

Ben James

Agreed. Can be frustrating at times when you know they've been in learning past the last instance on their ePortfolio, but as the great Denzel Washington said.. it's not what you know, it's what you can prove.

Helen Wilshaw

Thank you