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16 - 19 Regulations Funding compliance and auditable evidence


Am trying to confirm understanding of what exactly the concession is in plain English from this section of the 16-19 Funding Regulations? Any advice? 

Funding compliance and auditable evidence advice

6. The advice below only applies to students who attend for the full funding year, that is, students who attend for all three Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. We would not expect students planned hours to need adjustment for minor mistakes made in evidencing recorded planned hours.

a. The discretion set out below may also be helpful for some institutions for those students who attend the institution on a traditional 16 to 19 study programme and for the full funding year studying recognised qualifications that lead to a first full Level 3 or a Level 2 programme. Institutions must also be able to evidence a record of success in delivering these learning aims to successful students. Funding auditors will usually apply these funding compliance and auditable evidence requirement rules where the learning aims shown below recommend a minimum guided learning hour (GLH) delivery for the funding year of at least 450 GLH. These will include the following learning aims:

• students doing 3 or more AS or A2 learning aims in a two year full Level 3 programme

• students attending a study programme that includes at least 5 GCSEs

• students attending full time BTEC Diplomas, or other vocational Diploma courses that are/have been traditionally regarded as a full Level 2 programme

b. For such students all institutions will need to evidence additional delivery in 2022 to 2023 against the 2020 to 2021 base year in accordance with Additional hours requirements. The discretion set out above in (a) above should not be applied to any other students.

c. The concessions set out above in (a) will only apply to the entering of planned hours on the ILR and do not apply to the need for learning aim start, planned and actual end dates to be correctly recorded. Where these are incorrect and generate any funding errors they must be corrected before returning the institution’s final ILR return. For every student in any funding audit sample a planned timetable as set out in this Annex must be provided to the funding auditor and the planned hours on the form should match the planned hours on the ILR. Any funding audit concerns or issues for students that meet the above criteria will usually be management letter points rather than reported as funding audit errors.


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Basically, where you've got learners on full year Band 5 programmes that are BTEC Dips, 3 A Levels or big GCSE programmes, and those learners complete the year, an auditor won't be counting planned hours on registers to make sure they're 580, providing the timetable looks reasonable and you can prove start and end dates.

There's more important things for them to check.

Clair Ayling

Ah, thanks so much as ever Steve. Counting hours on registers sounds like a very dull task!


Auditors *do* love counting though, what can I say!