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Functional Skills - Failed at L2 (continue to study?)


Hi there,

  We have a learner who undertook block week for functional skills L2.

They have now failed twice, they are on a L2 apprenticeship and have ticked off being assessed at L2 (already have L1).

Do they have to continue on the functional skills if they don't wish too, or are they expected to study until the end of the course which will be next year. From a learning perspective it would be good for them to continue but the issue is that each time they fail, another block week is required which causes issue with the employer being prepared to release the learner.

Anyone else have had similar situations?

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They've met the condition required to access funding, so they don't need to continue studying BUT if they're going to go on to an L3 app, they'll need to pass L2 as part of that, so it would be usual for them to continue to study (also, our friends at Ofsted might be interested in why they've stopped...).

I'd say it was a little unusual to *only* offer FS in blocks? Is there no other way of them continuing to learn in a way less disruptive to the employer?

Wayne Hosking

Thanks Steve, totally agree with you on the alternative routes for studying and  was my initial thoughts. I'll check in with E&M in the first instance to see what they can offer but i know block weeks has been the main stay of late.

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