Sue Scott

UK resident +3 years but worked outside the UK


Planned start date of Apprenticeship is Sept 2023

Learner is a UK resident however had been living/working/travelling around Australia during March 2020- April 2023. 

It was on a working holiday visa subclass 417 for 2 years and then a NIL vac working holiday visa 417 (This was a covid affected visa offered by the Australian government). 

These were all temporary visas and the learner paid tax in Australia as a working holiday holder not a resident. 

Prior to this learner was also in Indonesia for 2 months volunteering, so left the UK in January 2020. 

Returned to the UK in July 2022 for a period.

Is the learner eligible for an Apprenticeship? I am assuming the learner is eligible as she is an 'Ordinary Resident'


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