Helen Wilshaw

PDSAT - 23Y-302 - Learner difficulty/disability inconsistency


Hi, we have a few students showing on our PDSAT Report where they have identified (Disability - Self Assessed) as Learner considers themselfs to have a learning difficulty and/or disability and/or health problem.  For example LLDDs - Dyslexia and Primary LLDD - Dyslexia.  The report logic is saying that the HNS could be blank which in this case it is, I have never completed a HNS for any learner within the Learner FAM is this something that I should be doing if they have self assessed themselves?  Thanks in advance. Helen


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Martin West

From the report guidance:

It does not necessarily follow that learners that are flagged as HNS will deem themselves  to have a learning difficulty, disability or health problem and vice versa.

However, providers can use this report to check for completeness of its recording of learners with HNS.

From the ILR specifications:

High needs students: attribute field


To indicate if a local authority has paid element 3 'top-up' funding for an 16-19 (excluding Apprenticeships) funded student whose agreed support costs are greater than £6,000.


 This field is only completed for 16-19 (excluding Apprenticeships) funded students where a local authority has actually paid element 3 'top-up' funding for a student whose agreed learning support costs are greater than £6,000. It must not be used in any other circumstances, for example, where costs are less than or equal to £6,000 or where the local authority has made no in-year contribution to the costs even if they are judged/agreed to be greater than £6,000.



Yeah, it's just a checking report, if the learners aren't HNS than don't flag them as such!

Helen Wilshaw

Thank you Martin and Steve.