Maili Buckingham

Employer co-investment refunds where apprentice has withdrawn


The guidance states:

Where applicable, employer co-investment should be reconciled to the date of withdrawal. Any employer payments for training and/or assessment that has not been delivered by the withdrawal date should be repaid to the employer.

Is there a rule defining how to calculate the cost of 'employer payments for training and/or assessment that has not been delivered'. Does this have to be matched to the amount of government funding e.g.

The total cost of training is 11,000. 5% of this is employer co-investment. If the apprentice withdraws after the training is complete, but before the end point assessment. The ESFA has paid 8800*0.95=8360. 

Does the total amount the employer co-invests have to be 5% of the funding (8800*0.5=440)? If the employer has already contributed 550 does the refund have to be 110, or can the provider use thier own rule for determining the refund amount.



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Jade Wilson

I wait for the co-investment report to come in after returning the withdrawal in the ILR. This will specify exactly how much co-investment is due up to the point of withdrawal. Particularly useful for those employers who tend to fall in and out of levy often..