Laura Howard

TNP 1 & 2 error


I think I know the answer, but can the gurus on here clarify what to do on the ILR if a TNP 1 & 2 has been entered instead of a TNP 3 & 4 for a change of employer please

Orig TNP1 £14400 TNP2 £3600

"someone" has entered the residual costs as on 30/4/23 TNP1 £4800 TNP2 £3600, this has obviously triggered a CB, 

My understanding is it should have been recorded as TNP3 £4800 TNP2 £3600

Can I just "amend" the new TNP1 & 2 or am I required to create new TNP3 & 4, need to get this resolved by R14 (the joys)

Thanks all :)


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Martin West


You must record a new price record on the programme aim; this price must reflect the cost of the remaining amount of the programme to be delivered with the new employer. This residual cost must be recording using AFinCode = 3 for training and AFinCode = 4 for assessment, as applicable.

You could amend the TNP1/2 entered in error to TNP3/4.


Laura Howard

Thanks Martin West for confirming I can just amend them :)