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Non-Regulated 16-19 study Programs


Hi all

We have applied to run some Pre-Entry Esol Study Programs with the Asdan awarding body. 

The documentation indicates that the qualifications are non-regulated. We have always been advised that Non-regulated learning is Internally certified & therefore EEP hours. 

Are there any institutes out there who also run this program who can advise me how this is recorded on the ILR to show as a study program? 

What qualification aim is recorded for the student? Do the students also have to do a Maths qualification?  

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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Kelly Knights



I seem to recall that the funding rules state that the core qualification can be a non regulated aim. I’m not sure if you will need any clear evidence to justify why the learner is enrolling on this and not a regulated aim.

@steveh is very good on this (along with everything else) and might be able to advise.


Pushpa Pindoria

Thank you, 

would the student also need a Maths aim to meet condition of funding?



Kelly Knights

If they don’t already hold the qualification than yes