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Wales based apprenticeships



I hope someone can help and advise?

We have an apprenticeship enquiry where a client has an office in Cheshire and another office just over the border in Queensferry, North Wales.

They want to hire 6 apprentices but the funding rules state that apprenticeships must be delivered at least 50% of the time in England.

My question is how can we manage that? Does the apprentice need to spend 50% of the working week in the Cheshire office, or does 50% OTJ need to be completed in Cheshire?

I wondered if anyone has any experience of this?
Many thanks


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They must spend 50% of their working time in the Cheshire office (or, at least, not in Wales).

Ashley Goldman

Thanks Steve I am wondering how we can prove their working base to satisfy the ESFA? For example., would they need to work for the fist 6 months in Cheshire, or 2.5 days a week in Cheshire, or 1 week in Cheshire and the next week in Queensferry and so on? How best can we evidence or what is acceptable evidence to show that they have spent the appropriate amount of time in Cheshire bearing in mind the apprenticeship is for 12 months and the training Sindall remote and on line? Many thanks


I think I'd want a specimen rota/work pattern from the employer that showed it? Rules say:

20.7.1 For working hours to be counted in the 50% limit, they must 
be regular, planned and known at the start of the 
apprenticeship. See Annex A (paragraph 292) for exceptions 
to this rule

(P292 is just about Armed Forces) and the evidence reqs say:

Evidence that the apprentice will spend at least 50% of their working 
hours in England over the duration of the apprenticeship including time 
spent on off-the-job training. Where the business footprint is larger than 
England this could include a roster for a typical month for the apprentice 
along with written confirmation from the employer.

Ruth Canham-James

I've just been dealing with this! I've said an up front training plan with clear indications of where the work is taking place throughout. If the plan changes, I'd expect updates, making sure it still doesn't go over 50% in Wales.

Ashley Goldman

Thanks Steve and Ruth, thats most helpful.

Much Appreciated.