Jane Free

O Levels and Functional Skills


We sometimes have queries from learner with an O level in Maths who would like to do Functional Skills as they feel they have lost their maths skills over the intervening decades - are the ineligible for AEB funding for this or are the O Levels so old that learners can benefit from a new qualification?


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Strictly speaking, if they've got a qualifying qualification then they "must" be competent to that level and thus funding wouldn't be available.

Would definitely be giving them an initial assessment to find out where they actually are though. All I'll say is there's no O Level data on PLRs (or, actually, anything pre-2008ish), so no evidence beyond what the learner themselves say, so if their IA says they're only L1 or even working towards L2, who is going to know?

Either way, nothing stopping you from delivering FS and *not* claiming the funding.

Jane Free

Thanks Steve, very helpful.