Emma Hall

Apprenticeships and Maths Skills


Hi All, 

Just a question on prior attainment levels in Maths for an Apprenticeship. 

We have a new apprentice who advised she has achieved Key Skills in Application of Number L2 unit during a previous NVQ study. The exam board confirmed this had been completed (C&G). However she has scored low on her L1 initial assessment. 

Our Training Manager has put forward that she think we can take the prior learning study as prior attainment to exempt her from Maths FS, but invite and evidence the apprentice attending and being involved in some classroom sessions to support and develop her skills due to the low score on the initial assessment.  

I wanted to check on this as I was unsure this would suffice as 1. being exempt from Maths & 2. knowing how low she scored on initial assessment. 

Can I get some consensus on this from anyone ?

Thanks Ems 


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What are the chances of two very similar maths questions in quick succession!?

L2 Application of number would exempt them but nothing to stop you delivering some maths to them (Ofsted would be very pleased), you just can't have the money.

Tracy Clement

Agree, but would check this is the full qualification, not a unit within an NVQ which does not count.

Emma Hall

Thanks Steve but Tracy - you have a point. I believe, looking on their PLR that this was just a unit which was also why I was not confident it was enough.... 

City & Guilds of London
NVQ/GNVQ Key Skills
10002728 Key Skills in Application
of Number - level 2

That's how it is displayed on the learners Personal Learning Record - as a unit to my understanding within her NVQ L3 in Children's Care Learning and Development

Therefore this isn't enough to be exempt ?

Tracy Clement

Key Skills Level 2 (qualification or units) is what the rules says so should be fine as long as she passed it.