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Information: Further Education (FE) Workforce data collection 



The FE workforce Data collection will open on the 27th September 2023 and close on 26th January 2024.

This Collection will:

  • provide a better understanding of the implications of government policy reforms, including their impact on the composition of staff and their specialisms.
  • provide a greater understanding of contracts and pay in the sector.
  • reveal skills gaps in the sector.

We will be publishing outcomes in 2024, for the benefit of providers and key stakeholders, such as Ofsted and sector representatives. 

Providers can submit their staff data via the XML file upload process or using Staff Data online form.

The online form is available for providers to submit their vacancy and recruitment data.

The online form is available for FE and sixth form colleges to submit their governor data.

Staff Data Desktop Application is also available to help providers prepare their FE Workforce data and produce an XML file.

We have released guidance documents for the collections to support staff who are completing the collections. You can find them here: Further education workforce data collection - GOV.UK (

To access the collection, use the Submit learner data sign in process:

Submit Learner Data now uses DfE Sign-in method for authenticating users. Existing IDAMs users should have been migrated to the DfE Sign-in account July 2023. If you require an account, please follow this guidance: DfE Sign-in help (



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Any word on whether those using the Staff Data online form have had last year's data rolled over?

Submit Learner Data Team (ESFA)

Hi Steve 

Yes we have migrated data entered last year, where the member of staff didn't have an employment end date, over to the 2022/23 collection.

This has been done this for all providers not just those that used the on-line form, so a provider who used the XML option last year could use the on-line form to update the data should they wish to do so. The migrated data will be over written if a provider makes an XML submission.






Thanks for the confirmation!

Karen Simmons

Faith Tombs is there a known issue with the FE staff data desktop application regarding the employment end date?
All my active staff are showing with an error CF_EmploymentEndDate_01 because there is no date in the employment end date field but the specification says this field should only be completed if they staff have left the organisation during the collection year. 
This error isn't listed in the FEW XML validation rules file either - its BR_ instead of CF_.  Looks as though this is a change from a warning to an error so something isn't working since the change.

Faith Tombs (ESFA)

Karen Simmons Morning Karen, I've checked in with the team this morning and they are aware of this issue. They released a fix yesterday so please download the latest version of the Desktop Application which should resolve the issue you're having. Any further problems, drop us a message via the web form. Thanks!

Karen Simmons

Thank you Faith Tombs, downloaded the new version and its fixed the issue.