Richard Baker

Apprentices self declaring workshop attendance


I wanted to ask thoughts on audit evidence for apprentice attendance at workshops/webinars. Do you think its acceptable that a learner records workshop attendance and hours in their online platform like they would off the job training in the workplace, or does the attendance need to be verified? The thinking is that if off the job training in the workplace can be self declared then workshop attendance could follow the same process? Lots of various thoughts and opinions within the team so I thought I would reach out to the wider apprenticeship community.



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Martin West

Normal register system would be expected for provider delivery.


Yeah, assuming someone is delivering the workshop/webinar, wouldn't it be easier for them to do a register?

Richard Baker

Completely agree with you both. My thought is the apprentice records the attendance and hours in the e portfolio which is then backed up by the register. I think what's happening is the information recorded by the learner in the e portfolio system is having to be verified each time for the hours to count but if its backed up by the register there is no need to verify it making it a lot less time consuming. Maybe sampling is the best way to make sure its accurate