Shilpe Bibi



Good Morning,

Has anyone come across the SLD error LearnAimRef_133 (The aim must have MCA_GLA Validity category in the Validity table in the LARS database.)  I didn't get this error yesterday but it appeared today and it seems to be relating to all our FM10 aims starting with Z006..,  the new community learning aims.

It looks like it's a new rule. 


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Hi Shilpe

Oh, that's an absolute classic! There's no exception for FM10 in the Rule and, of course, the new CL aims don't have MCA/GLA validity even though the old ones did...


Have alerted appropriate DfE contacts, and the importance of sorting it by R04. Hopefully it won't fall between two stools...

Shilpe Bibi

Thanks Steve

Simon France

Wow.  I've notified the helpdesk too (I should have checked here first but there's no harm in them understanding the scale of the impact).  It'll be impossible for combined authorities to send valid Community Learning records on the ILR with that rule in place.

Gareth Heald

Just received notification from the service desk, this rule will be set to a warning whilst amended, and to resubmit an ILR tomorrow to resolve thh error

Shilpe Bibi

Thanks Gareth for the update.


Cheers Gareth!