Jessica De Melo

RPL - Transfer from another provider


Hi Everyone,

When a learner transfers from another provider but stays on the same apprenticeship standard, whilst we take into account prior learning, we do not need to undertake the RPL funding calculation, do we?

I know we need to find out what funding has already been drawn down, but do we also now need to know if the funding band was reduced at the outset for RPL? Assuming we can only apprenticeship funding for the difference and anything above that needs to be met by the employer.



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Sue Scott

I was about to post and ask a similar question. We have a transfer and DAS will not accept our RPL OJT hours remaining as it is below the minimum.

Do we need to calculate the OJT remaining and add this to the new DAS fields? It will not accept it if it is below the minimum.

or do we approve the learner on DAS without RPL (with previous provider)


Jordan Banks


I can't see the equivalent in the 23/24 rules, but for the 22/23 employer rules, guidance for what happens with a change of provider is:

  • E289 Both the employer and new main provider must: 
  • E289.1 Negotiate a new price, as set out in these funding rules. If funded by a transfer, both the sending and receiving employers will need to agree the new apprenticeship in the apprenticeship service; and 
  • E289.2 Update the apprenticeship service with the new price, new main provider and effective date. 
  • E289.3 If funded via reserved funds you must contact the apprenticeship service support desk. 

The technical funding guidance (rules 241 to 245) confirm that you should account for what's been claimed by the previous provider.  Thus the only requirement I see is that the total claim between all providers cannot exceed the maximum.  No requirement to consider prior RPL at the outset.

We follow the same process as for new starts.  Complete an RPL assessment to determine OTJ and calculate the base price from there.  We attempt to ensure this doesn't exceed the maximum funding band by either confirming the original TNP with the employer or assuming maximum claim from the previous provider.  But if you can't do this and do go over, your month end reports should tell you how much over the max funding band you are, and then you can re-negotiate a price with the employer based on that (otherwise they will have to pay the difference as you say).  If the learner was behind schedule with the previous provider, then yes, we will likely take a small hit with funding.

@Sue: In terms of the Apprenticeship Service, has the employer transferred the original record to the new provider, or created a brand new record?  This webinar ( indicates that after a transfer, you only need enter a start date and new price, but it may be outdated or the provider end may differ.

Hope this helps..