Alison Robinson

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Guidance needed please.

We have a 24+ learner who has declared they have a prior qualification level of L3 (there is nothing in the PLR), do they need to be low wage or unemployed? I am confused as looking at the flow chart in the funding rules the first FCFJ box says learners without a FL3 or above are fully funded but the second box says learners who already hold a L3 or above must meet unemployed/low wage. It is the difference between FL3 and L3 in the 2 boxes which is confusing.





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Kelly Knights

If the qual is not recorded on their PLR I would ask them if they have a copy of their certificate to help you establish if the qual is a full Level 3 or not.

Low-wage/benefit evidence is only required if the qual is a full level 3. If prior attainment is Level 3 (not full) or lower, the learner is eligible regardless of their employment/un-employment status


Ruth Canham-James

I think it's just an oversight, and both should read Full Level 3.