David Dalby

Apprenticeship English/Maths


Might be a daft question - sorry! I've picked up our apprenticeship delivery team (we're an employer/provider) are phasing when apprentices are enrolling on English/Maths. So as an example we have an apprentice who started in April 2023, was assessed as needing to do L2 English as doesn't hold it, but the will not be enrolling on English until January 2024. There's no "future" aim on ILR - is that ok and they go on in January? My worry is if we were audited "now", there would be evidence they need to do English but no evidence they are/would be doing it. Sorry if it's a daft question!


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Martin West

The evidence would come from the learning plan for training yet to be delivered and not recorded on the ILR.

David Dalby

Perfect, thank you for putting my mind at rest Martin!