Jennifer Donnellan

Non English Postcodes- 50% working hours


Hi All,

If, at the start of the apprenticeship,  a learner advises that they will meet the 50% requirement (at least 50% working hours completed in England) but does not meet this requirement what date would the withdrawal be? 

I would assume that if a learner started in Scotland and never moved to England to carry out any working hours than we'd withdraw them back to start. However, if a learner has rotated offices and has done time in England (albeit not 50%) what withdrawal date would you use?

Any help would be appreciated.






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Ben James

I'd personally suggest withdrawing them back to the start regardless, though opinions may vary. 

I think it's immaterial specifically when it's established that they're not going to be spending at least 50% of their working hours in England, just like it would be if they were later found to not have valid residency, because these things affect the individual's eligibility to access funds as a basic principle, not just from a particular point in time.