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Hi all

This new peer to peer discussion forum for further education and training providers will replace the dated feconnect. This new version is more accessible, scalable and easier to use.

All users will need to register on this new service to post topics/replies or subscribe for alerts.

We expect to dual run both this service and the legacy feconnect for a few weeks, so that you can post new conversations here, but also wrap up existing conversations on the old platform.

As requested by feconnect users and described in Laura’s post, we plan to leave a ‘frozen’ version of the feconnect site available so that you can continue to access the thousands of conversations you have had in recent years.

If you have any comments or queries, you can reply to this post or email

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Its empty

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It's not a race, but I'm claiming bronze medal!

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Sigh....Ok, I'll settle for fourth, in. I couldn't fit any more medals on the shelf anyway! :)

Caspar Verney

Is it possible to change or add to when somebody posts something on this community so that instead of saying something like "2 months ago" it gives the actual date (and ideally time) of the post, please?

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Bill Smith

AEB - Low Wage Evidence

The AEB Funding Rules states evidence of low wage, to support AEB full funding, must be "within 3 months of the learners start date." 

Does anyone agree this could be 3 months prior to start date, as well as 3 months after the start date, as the guidance states WITHIN and not BEFORE.