Alison Brierley

Levy payer - spent funds



I have tried to search in the guidance but no solid answer.

If a levy payer spends their levy pot, do they have unlimited access to the 95% contribution funding or are they only allowed 10 like the non levy employers?

Thank you in advance.



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Martin West

Hi Alison,

Levy paying employers do not have a limit on co-investment where it is required as they already contribute 0.5% of their wage bill in Levy contributions, none levy paying employers currently have a 10 funded apprenticeship limit but the ESFA keep this limit under review as a method for controlling the budget for none levy paying employers.



Hi Ali

Good point! I've assumed that levy payers who run out continue to have unlimited access to 95% funding as they don't have to reserve, which is where the cap comes in.

Given the parlous state of starts at the moment, can't seen any change to this coming soon!