Transfer to another provider



We have an apprentice who has transferred to us from another provider, they are employed by a non-levy employer. 

We have calculated a new TNP1/2 based on remaining funding and entered this into our ILR. The employer has already paid the full 5% co-invest contribution to their previous employer but my understanding is that they would need to pay the 5% contribution to us on our new agreed price?

Also, is the employer entitled to a refund from their previous provider for the months of delivery that was not completed?

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Ruth Canham-James

Yes and yes. The funding rules say "P286 You must agree with the employer any reimbursement for employer co-investment made for learning paid for, but not undertaken".

If you don't collect 5% of the price you agreed, you risk all your 95% ESFA funding.

The employer won't be out of pocket if the first provider refund. It may be just the the first provider hasn't yet arranged the refund, or need a little prompting (identifying and organising refunds is an area we're struggling with a little, despite our best intentions). If the first provider won't refund, the employer might want to have a chat with the apprenticeship service about that and see what pressure they can exert.

Louise Robinson


What if we are unable to collect the co-investment from the employer?

A colleague seems to think she saw a reply to another post saying that where the payments couldn't be collected that you could record £0 in the PMR (presumably) and give the ESFA the explanation as to why the payments couldn't be collected.

Does anyone know if this is correct....or would it simply be that we would not get the 20% achievement payment?